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Leah Patterson

Are you more than enough for you?

Depression/Anxiety Heartset (mindset work) 3 min read

How are you? Has it been kind of up and down? You can be honest with me and yourself in the privacy of your mind about how this holiday season has been going for you so far.

If it’s been a little bit tough, trust that I understand. But I want to share with you a story just so that you know, transformation happens, things change and what’s most important, the way you *feel* can change. I am proof 🙂.

I came across a Facebook post last week that really struck me. What struck me the most was how much I *didn’t* resonate with it anymore. It was such a profound realization. Life will do this for you - show you how much you’ve grown - when you learn to pay attention (Have you been paying attention?).

It was a post about dating someone with depression. I’ll post it below:


I used to remember wishing for this, wanting this so badly. I remember wishing that someone would want to be my support system, help me keep going, help me to see that life was worth living, that I was worthy, that someone really cared. That I deserved love. If you go to the comments on this post, you’ll see that so many people resonate with it. Many people commented about having this and being thankful to their partners. And others commented about how sad they felt that they didn’t have this.

I’m among the group that just never fully received it. No one showed up to save me, to be present with me throughout all of my ups and downs and inability to see my brilliance and worth. To stay with me no matter what. I used to lament that I had to endure this struggle alone.

And when I saw this meme, that’s when I realized how far I’ve come. Because I DON’T feel like this anymore. I don’t want this anymore - I don’t in fact need this anymore. In this post, instead of wanting to high-five the poster and again say to myself “wow, that’d be so nice”, I could see right through to how unhelpfully enabling and actually unhealthy this all sounded. I could see how *I* had learned to give *MYSELF* all of these things. How I had learned to love myself fully and consistently; how I had learned to be my OWN Support system FIRST so that I could then ask for the right kind of support from my environment.

I used to wish that there was someone there that I could fall apart with and know they would always be there for me. Now I know that me always being there for myself is more than enough (and so much better 😉).

And I’m just here to say that this can be the same for you, across the board in your life. You can come to realize how powerful of an agent of change in your own life you are. And you can begin using that power for the effect of positive change in your life.

My course the Magick in You lays out a path. If you aren’t sure how to start becoming an agent of positive change in your life OR if you’ve tried all the things and still feel like you’re struggling, try this. I’d love for you to be a part of our experience 💖. We start in a few weeks - a wonderful way to get the new year started 🙌🏽🙂💯!

In the meantime, be kind to you 💖. You deserve your time and attention 😉.

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