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Diving Back In

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Just walk in it.

So on Wednesday I went to a really empowering event hosted by Facebook - Facebook Community Boost. Basically, Facebook has been traveling around to different cities and teaching business owners how to use all of their tools more effectively.

I grappled with whether or not to go. When you've been working with these tools as long as I have, it's easy to be jaded. It's super easy to think you know it all and have tried it all - and that it just isn't going to work for you the way they promise it will.

So I found myself mostly going for inspiration and motivation. I wanted to - needed to - be reinspired. I needed to know that there was a way for me to put all of this knowledge that I had gathered over all of these years to good use. I needed to know that though my depression and anxiety attacks may have thrown me off course before, they were no longer stopping this mega-success show.

My own reading (air signs) makes so much sense now! It starts at about 3:20...

And I did get that inspiration :-D. I left that event feeling invigorated and renewed. Feeling like I CAN! But I knew that would last only so long. I knew that, to make this stick for me, I would have to be ready for the moments that would inevitably come after.

These moments where I have to *just walk in it*.


It's been an interesting dynamic. I have felt my familiar denial and melancholy pop up. The *I can'ts*, i.e. all the reasons why *I can't do it*. (Yep, I do that to myself too :-).)

I've heard myself say that my business is different, I don't have enough variety, I don't have enough time, I don't have enough creativity. Or this familiar run: I don't have a support system, I don't have a second income, I don't have savings, I don't have backing.

But the truth is, all of this that I have been striving for, all I have to do is just walk in it. I have to start assuming again that I can instead of I can't. I have to start dialing into my super powers of *it will work this time* instead of my disease of analysis paralysis trying to figure out what is the *sure-fire* thing to do this time. And I have to do even more acting as if - even when it feels like a rose-colored lie.

I have to *know* that my goals just *are* coming true. Period. And that all of this around me is evidence of that - regardless of what it's looking like at the moment.

It's a really beautiful moment to be in, if I'm honest. This catching myself in the negative loop and being curious about what's kicking it up. Recognizing where my thoughts have become melancholic and my subsequent effort has begun to slow down, as though disappointment is the only possible given.

This is how you change. This is the process and the practice of it. Gently and nourishingly acknowledging where you're telling an old story and opening up space for even just the possibility of a new story.

And this is a big one for me: remembering that there IS still enough time for me. Dreams are being realized everyday by tons of people. Mine can still be one of them. There is still space for things to *take off* and finally hit their stride. Even though I've been doing some of these things for over 10 years now, the fact that I haven't given up is where *my* gold lies. And any minute, the dreams I see could show up in technicolor.

It's really important for you to figure out where your own gold lies. Deciding how you are going to tell your story and the decisions you are going to make about what this or that means is crucial.

It's the way you get to *just walk in it* too.

So I am looking forward to seeing how I maneuver this newfound excitement to try old things again. This latest rendition is exciting and I'm grateful to the Universe for making it so. Social media has always been one of my most enjoyable spaces to be in, because there's so much creativity there. So I'm going to let myself have fun with it again and see where that takes me this time around :).


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