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Leah Patterson

What I can do...

Community Heartset (mindset work) 2 min read

I felt like I couldn't really start this message to you without acknowledging the enormous nature of what we all are being challenge with - an ongoing pandemic and now in the United States where I live - mounting racial tension sparked by another senseless death at the hands of law enforcement.

It's heavy. It's scary. It's especially scary for me as a Black woman with Black boys and men that I care deeply for. I never thought I'd have to write that sentence, meaning I never thought I'd have to explicitly say that. Yet here we are, in these times where even in my personal message to my lovely community, I'm feeling compelled to say that.

So what do we do? What do we do when it feels like it's all just too too much. Well I'm compelled to say that we check in with ourselves in these moments and do the deep inward dives BEFORE we look to get our cues from anywhere else. And we find our resonance with what OUR truths are and what OUR chosen paths of purpose are. And then we act and move accordingly. In other words, we allow ourselves to be moved from our inner spaces as opposed to being pushed by our outer, changing realities.

And so with saying that, I bring us back to what I can do. I wrote this little thought a few days ago and it still rings true for me:

Not everyone can talk about the nuances of plants as medicine, ritual and portal. Not everyone can teach a love of dance as empowerment and transformation. Not everyone can speak on how minimal shifts create maximum impact, across the board in life. Simply put, not everyone can talk about healing. Not everyone can shine as a living example of healing in action.

That's what I can do.
I don't want to or need to say the same things that everyone is saying about the blatant truths that are laying bare for anyone to see.

What I'm going to say instead are the things that only I can say. I can talk about life. I can talk about healing. I can talk about focus. I can talk about redirecting it.

These are my gifts. These are the things I'm called to give. Everyone is called to give their thing. For some it's anger. For some it's a voice for the voiceless. For me, it's healing.

I talked in the GFC Free Facebook Group a few days ago about my experience with a true example of toxic masculinity. Someone, out of the blue began commenting on a dance video I shared in the most vile and hateful way. It was truly an experience. If you missed my talk about what we all can take away from my experience, you can click here to watch it. You will have to join the group, but I'd really love to have you there :).

P.S. If you are ready to start dancing with me and opening up that divine feminine energy to be felt in real time, please do join the Grounded Femininity Crew ! You can register here--> www.groundefemininity.com

I am sending love, really and truly, and my hope is that you feel it <3!

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