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Pisces New Moon Reflections

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I’m finally feeling like my new year is starting. Once my birthday came around, I felt the welcome stirrings of loose ideas coalescing. And right around Feb. 1st, things began to feel like they would make sense soon. And as February rolled in, the wisps and bits of potent ideas that kept floating by me began to settle into view and I finally began to feel like “I know what’s next.”

Have you felt that feeling before in your life? A clear, rich and simple sense of “the next step is this”? It’s magickal and soothing and a bit scary too. But it usually feels right.

And now here we are a few days after the Pisces New Moon and I’m feeling finally like it’s “GO TIME”.

Today I got the chance to sit down with my cards and seek a few moments of clarity on all this GO energy I’m feeling here in Pisces, something that’s not usually the case with a Pisces new moon. To be transparent, there are a lot of auspicious transits and positions happening right now in the cosmos as well and all that helps.

As a new working mom, I’ll admit, it doesn’t light me up thinking about working away from home as Aria grows up. When she’s a toddler and on, I don’t want to miss her moments because I’m too tired or just not there. Especially with her story of coming into the world as a child I chose to have on purpose and went to great lengths to have, I want to be an active, engaged, there mom.

And we all know that part of my life’s purpose is to create something sustainable with the work I do. I’ve always felt this draw to deeper, more meaningful work and I’ve always felt the need to be independent in my pursuits as well.

So my cards were:

What’s blossoming for me right now in general?

Who am I blossoming into as a new mother?

What’s next for me in my decision to coach women who’ve suffered depression and anxiety in successfully starting and/or growing their businesses in ways that support them and don’t overwhelm them?

And here are my cards:

For the first draw, the card that presented itself is the Chariot. How apropos! This just affirms that it’s GO time. That it’s time for me to take the reigns and decide that I know which direction is best. No more waiting and seeing, this time is about claiming myself as the leader and taking the charge.

This fits so well because I’ll admit, that aspect of my nature has taken a bit of a beating over the years. I’d become weary of my own decision making, feeling like I needed some other sign more than just my own conviction to move me. I’d fallen into not trusting myself after years of things not going quite the way I planned.

Having Aria, my daughter definitely put a whole bunch more in the cup than had been there for a long time and now I do feel like it’s time for that to spill over into the rest of my life. It’s time for me to take charge and decide that this direction I’m headed us in is the right one. WHOOH!

The second card is the Lovers. Again, how apropos! How beautiful of a card to receive when asking about how I’m blossoming as a mother. For me especially it’s very comforting. It’s saying that I am fostering a beautiful love between us, making the right decisions that will lead to Aria’s happiness and our continued bonding and growth as mother and daughter. I mean, how better could it get :). I think it’s a beautifully balanced card to receive - not too much friend mom and not too much drill sergeant mom :-D. A nice mix in-between. I like it :-).

The third card is Hanged Man. Now this one is very interesting and upon contemplation, makes a ton of sense. I’ve started along the path of this new direction. I’d set things in motion to do a few “start” things to move the energy along and them boom, my first client after making this concrete decision appeared from the ethers. Seriously. And what this does is give me the opportunity to be fully present with her and in that, really prepare for the future. So yes, a bit of sacrifice and pause now in stepping back a bit from “the plan”, but ultimately for the plan to really be able to reach its highest heights. I’m all for it.

And so with that, I feel like I’m ready to spend a little more time in the driver’s seat of the on-purpose parts of my life. It’s time to set some goals and do some future casting. It’s time to say “I’m going to be HERE in X amount of time”. That’s exciting indeed :).

So what has this Pisces New moon brought into focus for you?

I’m starting to open up my calendar for Tarot readings again, so if you find yourself in need of some clarity, especially about what’s coming into focus for you, feel free to reach out via email or purchase a reading on my Etsy shop.

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