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Speaking at GlamCon Again this Saturday!

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This weekend, I'm going to be speaking again at this amazing event! GlamCon is a beautiful experience envisioned and orchestrated to celebrate and empower breast cancer survivors with beauty! How amazing right?

When the organizer reached out to me last year and ask if I'd be willing to donate MOVE Makeup products, of course I said yes! I also offered to be of help in any way that I could. Being a part of an event that honors these brave women and helps them see their own beauty shining from within is my cup of tea (as you probably know :-)).

She asked if I'd be willing to come and speak some words of empowerment as well and of course, you can guess what my answer was. The event was beautiful all around that year and to be asked to participate again this year is an equally beautiful honor <3!

This year, in addition to speaking, I will also have a full booth set up for MOVE Makeup! Last year, the women weren't able to touch and feel MOVE Makeup and be pampered and sparkle-enhanced by yours truly. So this year, I can't wait to add to their joy by beautifying them with MOVE makeovers as well <3.

If you don't know much about my product line, I invite you to check it out here. In a nutshell, it's sweatproof and all-natural - perfect for women with ultra-sensitive skin and constitutions and equally as good for the super-active woman that cares about what's going on her skin and in her body. The video on the website gives you all the details :-).

I will definitely share my reflections on the event once I'm back from it. And if you'd like to follow along with me during it, you can follow me on Instagram - I'll be sharing updates all day on both accounts - Goddess Lifestyle Coaching and MOVE Makeup!

And if you are in Dallas this weekend, consider stopping by! You'll be blessed by the experience and I'd love to see you <3!


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