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6-Week Course: Tarot for Self Discovery!

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This is a class that I've been wanting to teach for ages, like 10 years at least, and finally it seems like the right time :). If you are interested in this and the timing is right, I'd love for you to register. The Tarot has been a major tool in my recovery from the deepest and darkest places of my depression and anxiety. This will be the space from which we will approach our self-discovery - one of overflowing compassion, deep self-love and deep self-care. I'm so very excited about it and grateful to be where I am on my journey <3!


Tarot cards have been a major tool of self-discovery and empowerment over the almost 20 years that I have been reading them. I love the symbolism and how it relates so deeply to our human experience. In this course, we will scratch the surface and I will teach you the basics of understanding the Tarot and specifically how to use it to understand your inner world and empower yourself to find and choose happiness, to weather the storms of life and to rise, like the lotus in my logo, from any ashes around you.


Week 1: Major Arcana - the Hero's Journey card 1 through 10
Week 2: Major Arcana - the Hero's Journey card 11 through 22
Week 3: Love and Sensibility - The Suit of Cups and Swords
Week 4: Passion and Practicality - The Suit of Wands and Pentacles
Week 5: Basic Spreads of Discovery and How to Protect Yourself and the Querent (person you are reading for)
Week 6: How to Create Your Own Spreads and Go Deeper

This class will be offered via a private Google Hangouts virtual conferencing link on 6 Thursday evenings 9pm - 10pm, from Nov. 29 - Jan. 3rd. All of the classes will be recorded so that if you miss one, you'll be able to catch up by watching the recording. I'll be available through the week to answer questions via email as well.

So looking forward to it! <3!

The course is $88 and you'll have lifetime access to the recordings.

Visit this link to register!: rebrand.ly/tarotwithleah

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