written by
Leah Patterson

Why Did I create Be Move Have?

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Why did I create Be Move Have? I brought this platform into existence out of my own battles as a woman entrepreneur silently wrestling with overwhelming anxiety and crippling depression. Be Move Have was born because it's precisely what I longed for during the early days of my first business venture.

Let me transport you back to that pivotal moment. I was enrolled in the stellar women's entrepreneurship program WISE (Chicagoans may recall this gem!). We were delving into the fundamental building blocks of building a thriving business. What's more, we were given the opportunity to apply our knowledge in the real world, testing our products at a bustling pop-up shop in the heart of the Daley Center during the Christmas holiday season.

On the surface, it seemed like a recipe for success, even if your products were only average, but there was one catch. The only thing standing in the way was your own relentless self-doubt and paralyzing fear of striking up conversations with strangers. Yes, you guessed it, that was my challenge.

This set the stage for years of struggles in connecting with potential buyers, facing the same issues repeatedly, and having no one to turn to for guidance in navigating this intricate terrain. I knew the smart business moves to make, I comprehended what I should be doing, but the actual act of overcoming the overwhelming anxiety and executing those steps was an entirely different ordeal.

It felt like a truth I couldn't share with anyone, a burden I thought no one would truly grasp, and worst of all, the possibility that they might dismiss my struggles as mere laziness and a lack of desire (and believe me, they did).

Now, years later, having become a seasoned serial business owner and entrepreneur, I am resolute in my determination not to let other women silently grapple with the challenges I endured. Be Move Have now stands as a beacon, providing ambitious and committed women a genuine source of compassionate empowerment to transcend fear and thrive.

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