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Maybe Valentine's Day Isn't Such a Racket Holiday afterall...

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I had a very interesting exchange with a good friend today about Valentine's Day. He shared with me an article about its seedy beginnings and we agreed that Valentine's of today is a racket holiday as well, all about spending tons of money and getting things to measure love.

I had an additional response though about making the choice to change the energy of something and give it your own energy. Basically I told him that yes, even though the holiday has questionable roots and motivations, you can still make it what you want it to be.

It got me wondering about whether it was possible that the energy that we all give Valentine's Day now, all of the love expressed and kindnesses done, has actually changed the holiday to truly mean something altogether different than what it used to. And it made me wonder about whether that in and of itself was enough.

I used to get so caught up in the idea of "the control group" and how the masses were harming themselves with their ignorance and constantly getting duped by 'the system'.

But maybe they are smarter than we think and than they know. Take this instance of Valentine's Day. Maybe that intense energy applied to wanting to express how much someone loves and cares for their family, friends and loved ones is enough to make this a holiday that really does raise the vibration of everyone who participates. And isn't that really the point of everything? To feel good enough to keep going and hopefully keep attracting and *noticing* more of what you want?

I know that's where I used to get caught up, especially in my 20s. It was so important to be smart. To be in the know. To be evolved. To be enlightened. To be a guiding light and a leader. Not once did I ever realize or even think about how important - no, vital - feeling good was. Not once did it occur to me that feeling better wasn't just about me fixing myself so that I could get back to my "important work of saving the world and enlightening the masses". Not once back then did feeling good ever look like THE key instead of just the annoying roadblock.

So maybe the ones that we thought were so lost aren't quite as lost as we assumed. After all, they *have* figured out something with relative ease that has eluded us intellectuals and evolved ones for quite some time. They've figured out how to up the anty on feeling good. Regardless of how they are getting to feeling good, they are getting there. And stuff is showing up for them because of that. And at the least, those momentary moments of pure bliss that *they* experience are rich and real. And I'm sure we all could use a little or a lot more of that.


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