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Lack, the Law of Attraction, & Depression

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So I just wanted to share really quickly a revelation I had the other morning about lack, the law of attraction and specifically being someone that deals with regular depression and anxiety trying to take over. I woke up that morning and saw in one of my groups that someone had just manifested the, often sought after as proof, *check in the mail*.

This is a group for an incantation workshop that I've taken twice now and a lot of people are seeing their manifestations come to pass, without much effort other than keeping up with the homework. I've done my part but my results have been little slower to show up. And my first reaction was to feel bad. The great thing is that I noticed it enough to be curious and seek out some guidance. That led me to a YouTube video about the source of all human suffering - *belief* in the existence of lack.

Source: Jan Tinneberg - Unsplash

I am completely familiar with this concept, but today it really landed. And one of my big questions/issues was *answered* as well - how depression and anxiety can hinder your manifesting abilities. It seems like a no-brainer as I type it, but I've had people tell me that it's just as easy to manifest through depression and anxiety as it is without it. But the fact is that anxiety and depression attach you to a belief in lack. And when you've suffered from it for so long, especially when most of that time you were unaware, your attachment to a concept of lack is STRONG.

So it makes complete sense that it may take a little (or a LOT) longer for your intentional manifesting skills to get rock solid. And it's completely ok that you may have had more starts and stops than others. It's not you doing something wrong. It's not *your fault* it's not working. It *is* working. You just have to get your manifesting muscles stronger because you are working from a different setpoint than others are.

This was an epiphany for me today because my ego is always trying to tell me that I'm doing something wrong :). I have often looked back on my years of intentional effort with manifesting and wondered why I'm not further along. The simple truth is that I've just had stronger attachments to lack that I've had to counteract. And that's ok :).

It's just reminding me to be kinder to myself AND reaffirming to me why I am doing the work that I'm doing. People don't need to hear "it's just because you don't want it enough." People need to hear that someone gets it and knows the long haul of it AND that the practice WILL produce results, no matter how long it takes :).


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