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How to Empower Yourself Through Beauty

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When I first sat down to write this article, I thought that it would be about empowerment through skincare. As I thought over it though, I realized that that focus was just too small and not quite what it really is all about. It really is all about claiming all that is beautiful within and about you. And through claiming that, you empower yourself and you shine your inner beauty even brighter.

So yes, you can definitely find your inner confidence through empowering yourself within your skincare routine. And we'll talk about that today. But the path of possibility is so much more expansive. The possible path of transformation leads you to an ultimate realization of your true inner beauty and that is where the real magic lies.

But first, let's start at the beginning. What does it mean to use beauty as a tool of empowerment? The first thing to realize is that everything in our grasps can be used to either enhance our lives or take away from our lives. In fact, it's already happening whether you're conscious of it or not.

Everything has subconscious effects on us. As an experiment, the next time you pick up your phone, check in with yourself in that instance and ask yourself how you feel. Are you excited? Did you get somber? Did you get anxious? Agitated or happy?

These types of responses are happening to us all the time and affecting our moods and choices. When you can start becoming conscious of your responses and better yet, choosing them, you begin to see how much control you really do have over your life.

In the instance of skincare, you may go through your skincare steps on autopilot, thinking about the day, your to-do list, etc. - any number of things. Imagine though, if you used this time to consciously think things that would positively add to your life?

I'm going to give you 3 simple ways that you can use your skincare steps to turn your daily skincare routine into an empowering ritual of self-transformation.

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1. Washing your face. the next time you wash your face, instead of doing it absentmindedly, make a point to think about all of the emotional and mental problems and challenges you would like to rid yourself of. Imagine that in washing your skin, you are also symbolically "washing away" all of the problems and the stress and tension they bring. Imagine that you are left fresh, clean and revived - just like your face.

2. Toning your face. If you don't know what a toner is, no worries - just message me and I'll tell you all about the 5 basic skincare steps. Toning, in essence though, brings your skin back to a balanced pH. So imagine that with each swipe or spray of toner, you are enveloping yourself in calm, relaxation and balance, arriving at a state where everything feels peaceful and in alignment.

3. Moisturizing your face. This final step in skincare is all about sealing in moisture and providing a protective barrier from the elements as well. In this step, imagine that you are sealing in all of the positivity, balance and calm that you have created and helping it stay with you, regardless of what you encounter next. This can be a powerful way to "armor" yourself for the day or reset yourself in a positive state at night.


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So you see, these simple additions to the way you think about and carrying out your skincare routine can make a huge difference in your life. Going through your skincare steps can become something you look forward to, not only as an act of self-care but also of self-empowerment and renewal.

Stay tuned, next we'll talk about makeup as a tool of empowerment and I'll introduce you to my sweatproof, natural makeup line MOVE Makeup!



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