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Harnessing the New Moon Energy with Herbs, Tarot and Intuition

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As of early this morning (December 7th CST), a new moon is upon us in Sagittarius. My affinity for the new moon runs deep, as it’s always a beautiful time to start again. One of my most persistent mantras in life is *Tomorrow is Brand New*. There is always promise in a new day and especially if that new day brings with it a new moon.

Using an awareness of the moon sign, you can harness the energy that is most prevalent and see yourself feeling much more in sync with what’s going on around you. When I started paying attention to the moon signs, it was amazing to me how much sense it gave to the happenings of my life. Now, I use it purposefully to understand what’s going on and to manifest what I want to see happen.


So let’s look at this Sagittarius moon for an example. Sagittarius energy is fire based – it’s all about having the passion to see enough of the bright side of life to keep moving forward. Sagittarius energy sees the long-term and is excited about what all could come about. It’s optimistic, forward-focused and big dream expanding.

How I’ve seen this play out in my life over these past two days is really interesting. I’m sharing it so that you can see how these energies can apply to your life, sometimes in the most subtle ways.

Usually there is a lot of optimism that naturally show ups around new moons, but there is also the potential for a lot of the shadows of life to show up as well. The Dark moon period, right before the moon is able to be seen again, is a time of contemplation and can sometimes harbor confusion, exasperation and depression. For me, these past few days have had me questioning two key themes – doing old things with the belief that they will generate different results and making peace with the emotional baggage that I’ve come to some relationships with.

Both of these issues popping up confused me at first. We are always quick to think we’ve already handled something and it shouldn’t be coming up again 😊. But upon further introspection, I realized that the Sagittarius new moon was giving me a perfect opportunity to peel back more layers and heal on even deeper levels.

Sagittarius is one of the most naturally optimistic signs with a belief that the next go round will be filled with great adventure, good times and the stuff of cherished memories. So it’s perfect energy for healing an old belief that things will always be the same for instance. It’s also perfectly poised for making peace with how you show up in the world. Sagittarian energy is unapologetically but also unassumingly itself. It has the energy of “hey, I’m trying and that’s pretty dang sweet in and of itself” as it shrugs it shoulders and then continues happily on its way. It doesn’t get too hung up in the past and what it should have done and how things could have been. It’s excellent at *moving on*, but not just moving on – moving on with a lightness and a sense of possibility in its step.

So with this in mind, you can easily see how it holds great medicine for my particular new moon *opportunities*. If I were to work with herbal allies as well (which I will 😊), the ones I’d work with are the ones that encourage that sense of optimism and possibility. My good friend Lemon Balm comes to mind for increasing high vibes and access to believing in possibility. Nettles is another great addition for clearing the nervous system of a tendency towards anxiety, dispelling fear and strengthening one’s will. Mustard seed would be a great choice to instill a sense of faith in personal change (because sometimes personal change takes time). 

Tarot archetype wise, December is a Hanged Man month (Tarot card 12) and that has some very appropriate messages within it, encouraging one to hang on through the period of not knowing for sure that something will pay off. The Tarot card for Sagittarian energy is Temperance, which is all about having enough of a balanced optimism to believe that the effort towards the long term goal is (or has been) worth it.

As it’s new moon energy, I’m more prone to drink teas as opposed to making oil infusions. The quickness and lightness of it in relation to oil infusing is in keeping with the flurry of new moon energy.

So I hope this gives you some useful ideas of how to work with this new moon energy, using herbs, tarot and intuition 😊. As this message is getting long, I’ll save a discussion about creating affirmations for your everyday beauty regimen in relation to the moon energy, etc for the future.

All the best blessings <3!

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